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A Welcoming Church For All
  • Speak directly to the person - don’t use a go-between.

  • Offer to help, but don’t be offended by refusal, and don’t help without asking.

  • Some people with hidden disabilities may need assistance.

  • Use positive terms e.g. ‘disabled people’ not ‘the disabled’.

  • Ensure people know where the toilets are and don’t have to ask.

  • Give eye contact, whether or not returned, but don’t stare.

  • Be patient – some people take longer to respond than others.

  • Enable disabled people to sit where and with whom they wish.

  • Give help discreetly. Don’t make the person feel conspicuous.

  • Introduce yourself clearly by name when meeting someone new.

  • Talk to your DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) about changes you want to make to the building

  • Only pray for healing if you are asked - some people don't want that kind of prayer

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